I used to believe ...

That you were either an organised person, or you weren’t.
That you either had your shit together, or you didn’t.
And you were the type of person that could smash your goals,
or you couldn’t.

As a mum I was always trying to find ways to make life easier. I was desperate to be present for my family and to enjoy the simple things in life but often felt like I was failing.

~ Failing because I was distracted by mountains of washing.

~ Failing for not drinking enough water.

~ Failing because of the dog hair on the couch.

~ Failing because we were having take-away again.

~ Failing because I didn’t do my pelvic floor exercises.

And most of all failing because I wasn’t “enjoying every moment”

However, all of this was flipped on its head once I learned
how to build and sustain joyful habits.

It's no secret that habits can change our lives.

They have the power to create energy, space and flow every single day. Using habits, I have been able to slow down and simplify my life.

I wake up to a feeling of calm each day and most importantly I have created space for joy and the things that matter most to me,  and you can too!

I coach women on how to build life changing joyful habits that stick.

If you're ready to make simple, easy changes and want to create space in your life for the things that matter, let's chat.

Get your free copy of the Joyful Habit Tracker and start experiencing positive change in your life today!

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Hi, I'm Katherine

I'm a joyful mumma who loves wine, fresh sheets, open fires and never ending Sundays.

I'm also a life coach and personal cheerleader with a passion for helping others curate a joyful and abundant life using the power of habits.

I help women to find more joy in day to day life by taking control of the little things and creating space, time and energy for the big things.

The practice of Joyful Habits was born from my desire to live a happy and fulfilled life without the relentless hustle and grind.  If you are ready for more joy, less overwhelm and a daily sense of calm then let me take your hand and show you the way. I can’t wait to share with you how harnessing joyful habits can be a simple and practical way to transform your daily life experiences.

If you're curious, I'd love to chat!


How 'Joyful Habits' can change your life.

Inspired by the principles of minimalism and using the power of joyful habits together we will craft a lifestyle that allows you to thrive.

Life Coach Katherine Clayton Minamilist Coach
Life Coach Katherine Clayton Minimalist Coach

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Coaching Services

If you’re ready to make a change then I am here to show you how. My one on one coaching packages provide you with all of the guidance and support you need to build the practice of Joyful Habits into your life today.

Let's work together!

The Cuppa Call

Put the kettle on and let's take a moment to get to know each other.

I will answer any questions you might have about Joyful Habits Coaching and options for us to work together.

This chat is free and comes with no obligation.

The Habit Hack

Are you looking to make changes to the flow and rhythm of your day to day life so that you have the time and energy for what matters most?

Whether it be the never ending to do list, the overwhelm of house “stuff” or just an exhausting sense of frazzled busyness (or all of the above!) together we can take a step back and put in place a plan for you to thrive and find joy.

What you get:

The Habit Hack package is designed for women who know there must be a better way to managing their day and their home but just don’t know where to start.

During our one on one workshop we will reflect on the current state of your day; what’s working, what’s not, how you feel and what your key challenges are in managing your home and your schedule. From here we pin down specific joyful habits, routines, rituals and systems that will begin the transformation of your daily experience from chaos to calm.

Following our workshop, you will receive a personalised action plan and a follow up coaching call to ensure you are on track.

The new joyful habits you form will be small and achievable but impactful and sustainable so you can be confident the changes will stick.

Let’ get stuck in!


The Simplify Series

Are you looking for greater clarity on the type of life you desire and how to achieve it?

Perhaps you are tired of the hustle and chasing well intentioned goals only to find yourself feeling derailed or dissatisfied. Or maybe you have achieved many of the things you thought you wanted in life, yet they have not brought you the joy and fulfilment you imagined.

Whether it be your relationships, health, career, home or family life together we can take the time to map out what matters most to you in life (it may be different to what you once thought!) AND how to get there.

What you get:

This package is designed to bring passion, purpose and flow to your everyday life. Throughout the series we will uncover a crystal-clear vision of the practical steps you can take to achieve your desired lifestyle. This will include a customised set of joyful habits as well as a restructure of your routines, systems and rituals where required. I will be there to support and guide you step by step as we test and tweak what works best for you.

This package kicks off with a lifestyle questionnaire and includes 4 one on one caching calls over a 6 week period. During this time you will receive text message support and check ins as required.

Let’s get stuck in!